BySWIERCZ – The philosophy 

bySWIERCZ is a young Danish cosmetic brand, where every single product is handpicked at the manufacturer who can guarantee the best quality, and then adapted to the Scandinavian women’s needs – both in form and design.

For bySWIERCZ, it’s all about making the choice of cosmetics easy for women. You can be sure that if you choose makeup from bySWIERCZ, you will receive exclusive products of the highest quality at a reasonable price range. Every time. That’s the philosophy.

Moreover, bySWIERCZ is developed in collaboration with the cosmetics manufacturers in Europe with the most knowledge and technical skills. Which means that our lipstick is produced in France at the manufacturer with the highest technical expertise in lipstick while our lip gloss is produced by a German manufacturer, as we found their skills in making that product the highest.

Expertise, quality and durability are the most important criteria for bySWIERCZ, and therefore the manufacturers are handpicked one by one, so that each product in our assortment is the best. That way our customers only need one single brand in their makeup purse. That’s what makes us different. We make it easy for our customers to always choose quality. We do not compromise – and we never will.

Our primary focus is our customer. Therefore, we focus on the shape, design and texture of the products, as it is important for us to make it easy to put on makeup or do a manicure. We believe that all women want to feel comfortable; that they want to shine in any situation, and our goal is to help them. With makeup you can count on. With classic colors to suit everyone. With quality that feels natural on your skin. With durability that allows you to go through a busy day without having to worry about your makeup.

bySWIERCZ is created for the Scandinavian, strong, feminine women who are busy reaching out for their goals in life and who do not want to compromise with either themselves, their wishes or their makeup.

BySWIERCZ – The woman behind the brand

Behind bySWIERCZ, stands the young woman Magdalena Swiercz, who created the company based on the notion that happiness is found in the small things in life. Like the right color of lipstick..

The idea came out of thin air one day, when Magdalena, along with several female family members, was getting ready to attend a wedding. She realized that they all had their makeup purses filled up with many different brands. As they all wanted the best quality and durability in each product, it made them all handpick lipsticks from one brand, powder from another and nail polish from a third.

And so the idea of creating the ultimate cosmetic brand struck Magdalena. A brand where all products were handpicked at the most skilled manufacturers and of the highest quality, so that you would only need that one brand in your purse. A thought Magdalena just could not forget again.

So even though Magdalena never planned to go into the beauty industry, the idea grew, and she began to explore the opportunities and the industry more thoroughly. Slowly, the idea of the ultimate cosmetics brand turned into a business plan that she just could not ignore, so while she continued her law studies, Magdalena also started bySWIERCZ.

After two years of preparations, negotiations with manufacturers and the development of the right products, Magdalena was ready with the first collection of makeup from bySWIERCZ. A collection consisting of lipstick, lip gloss and nail polish in 5 classic colors, as well as makeup brushes.

That the collection initially is confined to these products is a strategic choice. As it is a prolonged process to find the right partners that can meet the strict requirements that Magdalena has for bySWIERCZ’s products. Also, it is easier to convince people to try something new, when it is a product like, for example, a nail polish, than if it was a powder or a mascara – it simply feels like less is at stake.

Now, that bySWIERCZ is slowly but surely gaining market shares in Denmark, the idea is that the brand’s range will be expanded with mascara, eye shadow, powder, etc. until one day bySWIERCZ offers all the products the modern woman wants to have in the makeup purse – of course of the highest quality and still at an affordable price range.